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The Backstage Dance Library is where you will find informative and practical dance books.  Class sets are available for schools and universities.

Gina Sawyer offers the performance industry unique dance and talent services. Her sensitivity to the artistry of dance entertainment reflects her creative and detailed work. "Make Your Next Performance the Best Performance," with the assistance of Backstage Coach Productions.

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Video - Jazz and Tap
Video - Tap


Welcome to where you will find services for performance coaching for dancers and directors of dance teams.  I supplement this training with how to books and articles about dance technique, performance, and choreography.  In the fall of 2012, I will be launching my new video on high kick technique.  This will interest all who seek training methods that help to perform a great high kick whether it is for performance with a team or as an individual at competitions.

  • Performance coaching, audition training, and interview skills for dancers and officer candidates
  • Educational books and articles about dance/drill team tryouts, officer auditions, dance terminology, music, and web sources for dance
  • Choreography for auditions, competitions, and spring revues

Dance Training

Spring is the busiest time of year for me due to students seeking help with line and officer auditions.  When booking an appointment please be prepared with dates and times of availability. I will then proceed to book studio space.

Most sessions are scheduled in one to two hour increments, with officer candidates adding an additional hour for learning interview skills and participating in a mock interview on video. The earlier you prepare, the more successful your experience will be. Like any other skill, dance performance develops with ongoing rehearsal and performance.  Do your best to book sessions well in advance of the audition or contest for which you are preparing. Students do need to supply a copy of the score sheet for the upcoming tryout or competition and previous scores from these if applicable. 

What it’s all about.

Since 1998 I have provided dance training for dance/drill team hopefuls and officer candidates.  My goal is to share not only skills specific to dance and performance, but to also motivate students to embrace responsible risk-taking involved in reaching for higher expectations.  Self-worth, discipline, ethics, and team-work are trans-disciplinary and life-long skills.  I hope to challenge students to rise above the status quo to meet personal goals in relation to dance performance and leadership. 

Contact Information
Please contact me regarding private and semi-private lessons for audition skills, technique, and performance.  Bring a friend!   I’ll help you to make your next performance the very best.


"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful."
-Agnes De Mille


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